Scenario based simulation

Despite a rather battered mannequin that requires at least a roll of duct tape a week to keep limbs and head attached, the Auckland HEMS group has adopted scenario-based simulation with enthusiasm. Involvement from doctors, paramedics, and crewmen working as a team allows opportunities to improve clinical skills, communication, and CRM elements.

Regularity and quality of simulation has improved with the importation from Canada of Dr Andrew Petrosoniak, who is completing a Master’s degree in education. ‘Petrosoniak’s Prehospital Practice’ is now offered to/inflicted upon whichever duty crew is rostered on Thursdays.

This sort of simulation has been described in print by the London HEMS group, who use it as an integral part of their training – read more here.

Petro’s detailed report on the session shown below is here.

“No matter how many times we shocked him, his head just kept falling off…”

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