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"Though the doctors treated him, let his blood, and gave him medications to drink, he nevertheless recovered" - Leo Tolstoy, War And Peace

“Though the doctors treated him, let his blood, and gave him medications to drink, he nevertheless recovered” – Leo Tolstoy, War And Peace

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The Auckland HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical System) initiative is a joint venture between Auckland District Health Board and the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust to add Emergency, ICU, or Anaesthesia doctors to the paramedic/crewman/pilot team on the Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

Our goal is to provide the best possible patient care by adding additional resuscitation, medical, and surgical skills to the superb pre-hospital care that has been delivered by ARHT for many years.

This website provides an unofficial educational resource for the HEMS initiative.



Working with Auckland HEMS

IMG_1313The Auckland HEMS Initiative embraces the concept of a ‘learning organization.’ At present, we are keen to explore fellowships with motivated senior registrars in acute care medicine (anaesthesia, critical care, emergency medicine). Please use the contact button above.

We regret we are unable to offer undergraduate medical electives at this time. Thank you for your interest in Auckland HEMS.


The Legalese


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  • This site is dedicated to constructive learning. Complaints, criticism, disputes, clinical governance issues, and intra/inter-service issues are dealt with formally through existing mechanisms and will not be aired on this site
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  • While we value learning from discussion of our missions, we are legally and ethically bound to maintain patient confidentiality. Any cases that come up in clinical discussion are thoroughly de-identified. Names, locations, identifiable text/photos/videos will NOT be used.
  • If any readers have concerns about confidentially issues in a particular post, please contact Dr Scott Orman via the contact link above or the Auckland Hospital switchboard – (09) 3670000