Weinmann ‘Medumat Transport’ Ventilator

These slide sets were provided by Weinmann for training purposes.

The following 3 slide sets cover use of the ventilator, ventilator modes, and how to interpret the monitors on the display

1) Medumat Transport Product Training – Essential viewing – overview of switching on, function test, and placing patient on ’emergency’ ventilation (preset IPPV parameters for adult/child/baby) and more advanced ventilation modes, including NIPPV

2) Ventilation – Review of different ventilation modes

3) Monitoring – Review of monitoring available on ventilator display and how to assess quality of ventilation


The following 3 slide sets review respiratory anatomy and physiology

1) Anatomy – Review of anatomy relevant to ventilation

2) Physiology & Pathophysiology – Review of respiratory physiology relating to ventilation

3) Physiologic basics of respiration

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