Emergency Medicine = Combat Aviation!

There is currently a huge amount of interest in lessons that medicine can learn from aviation, including concepts like CRM and the use of checklists. Efforts are being made to select and integrate these concepts into a form specific to emergency medicine – Andy Buck’s blog Resus Room Management is a great example of this, and is well worth a read.

Joe-NovakJoe Novak, an emergency physician who is a former F15 pilot (!) feels that due to its chaotic nature emergency medicine is analogous to combat aviation! These concepts are discussed in a lecture presented on Scott Weingart’s emcrit.org

Click HERE for the show notes and podcast



In combat aviation:

  1. Aviate
  2. Navigate
  3. Communicate

In EM & Critical Care:

  1. Resuscitate
  2. Differentiate
  3. Communicate

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