Auckland HEMS app under development

In the last few days there has been talk on the twittersphere about retrieval apps.

First mock-up - content required!

First mock-up – content required!

Auckland HEMS is currently developing an app for use in our service. For the first iteration we have chosen a DIY web-based application ( to create the app. Examples of features that we can (in theory) include are:

  • text and image pages for checklists, SOPs, and paediatric resuscitation formulae
  • custom HTML forms for job debriefs, RSI audits etc – these can be filled in on the phone and then emailed to a designated collection person
  • live displays of webpages including, weather/tide information
  • live display of a google calendar for HEMS training and events
  • a personal training log for clinicians

Clearly offline functionality will be essential – 3G coverage on the far side of Great Barrier Island may be patchy at best…!

Custom html form - for job debrief

Custom html form – for job debrief

The current plan is to build the app online and test it through the online iPhone simulator prior to testing on devices and eventually distributing it through the app store.

Currently we hope to create a relatively simple (and advertisement-free) version 1.0, test it, and refine it into a more functional version 2.0 which may require input from a professional app developer (and no doubt some $..)

An excellent podcast from SMACC 2013 about medical app development can be found HERE.

Do any readers of this blog have any experience with app development? Please feel free to share pearls and pitfalls using the comments section below.

We will keep you posted on how this project progresses – watch this space!

5 thoughts on “Auckland HEMS app under development

  1. Scope here for an ‘Uber App’ – I would give my eye teeth to be sure of using same kit/protocols/infusion regiments as the retrieval service – less faffing around on handover…

    Presumably much commonality across services? Scope to share?

  2. Thanks to all for your comments, & thanks for the offer of assistance, Tessa!

    Pete – we have elected to have an open app, i.e no login required, so any material on the app will be visible to anyone who wishes to see it. We believe that our checklists, SOPs etc do not need to be confidential, and that there is value in organizations sharing resources like this (the ultimate in peer-review!)

    The platform we are using will give us a maximum or either 300 or 1000 app downloads, depending on the package we buy.

    It is likely that for the first version we will not be doing patient report forms (containing confidential patient data) through the app – there are issues around data security that would need to be addressed – hopefully in version 2.0!

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