Auckland HEMS app updates

Firstly, thank you to all of you for your interest in and support of the Auckland HEMS app! In addition to the Auckland HEMS team, we have over 250 app test pilots from other services and locations, and have received valuable feedback about functionality and content.

Prehospital transfusion SOP

Prehospital transfusion SOP

The app has undergone a series of updates in recent days, as you may have noticed from the push notification spam appearing on your phones (apologies, this is an automatic feature that I have not yet figured out how to turn off!) The iBuildapp platform offers automatic updating on users’ phones, so you should (in theory) have the most up-to-date version already; if however the app is crashing I suggest deleting and re-installing it. Android users may encounter an ‘error 961’ when reinstalling the app, if so follow these instructions, or perhaps just buy an iPhone…

The most important additions to the app are the SOP and checklist for prehospital blood transfusion. As of today, Auckland HEMS will be carrying a unit of Whole Blood on prehospital missions.


interactive checklists

interactive checklists

Other additions include:

* Interactive checklists – Auckland HEMS checklists now include tick boxes that can be filled in as the checklist is completed. There is not yet a functional feature to export the data (this is a work in painful progress!) but in the meantime a completed checklist can be preserved on a smartphone by taking several screenshots.

* Expanded ‘resources’ section –¬†a project has begun to turn the resources section into a prehospital and aeromedical reference library, with links to podcasts, video, and other useful clinical material. What do you think should be in the ‘resources’ section? Please use the feedback button in the app to let me know about your favourite resources so they can be included.

* Map feature with live tracking

Thank you again for your interest in the Auckland HEMS app, and please keep the feedback coming!




map feature

map feature

map feature

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