Module # 2 – Ventilation and the Management of Respiratory Emergencies: Leadership

The clinical focus of Module 2 is centred on the diagnosis and pre-hospital management of respiratory failure. The non-technical/CRM topic for this module is leadership. Chapter one of this module reviews the management of paediatric asthma. Chapter two focuses on the differential diagnosis and management of respiratory failure – it is divided into two separate lecture focusing specifically on both adult and paediatric medicine. Chapter two also explores the pros and cons of different leadership styles and team dynamics.

The simulations to be completed in this module are closely related to the content contained in these lectures.

Module #2 – Objectives

Module #2 – Chapter 1 – Pediatric Asthma Management

Module #2 – Chapter 2a- Respiratory failure-Leadership – Adult

Module #2 – Chapter 2b – Respiratory failure-Leadership – Pediatrics

Below you will find reference material to supplement the above lectures:

Childhood asthma: a guide for pediatric emergency medicine providers.
Kline-Krammes S1, Patel NH, Robinson S.
Emerg Med Clin North Am. 2013 Aug;31(3):705-32.

Starship Clinical Guidelines – Asthma: Acute Management

More coming soon!!!!

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