MEDUMAT Standard 2 Ventilator

By Dr Brendan Wood – Auckland HEMS Fellow, and Stefan Gabor – Intensive Care Paramedic, Clinical Educator

The ARHT has recently purchased the Weinmann Medumat Standard 2 Ventilator. The introduction of a modern transport ventilator will provide the service with additional ventilation and monitoring modalities to improve the care we can offer to our patients. In addition, our new ventilators will allow us to offer non-invasive ventilation which will be a new modality for many of our team. With additional capabilities comes increased complexity both operationally and clinically. The educational team will be commencing a simulation based curriculum shortly to train duty crew in the use of our new ventilators and in that context we would like to provide resources to maximize your learning. Please note that mechanical ventilation is a vast subject and education around this topic will be ongoing.

Required Review:











Supplementary Resources:

  1. Articles/Handbooks
    1. Dionisio Torres, J. & Radeos, M. (2011). Noninvasive Ventilation: Update on the uses for the Critically Ill Patient. EM Critical Care. Vol 1, No2 available at
    2. Handbook of Mechanical Ventilation” published by Intensive Care Foundation 2015. Section 1: Anatomy & Physiology, Section 7: CPAP, Section 8: Non-Invasive Ventilation, Section 12: Invasive Positive Pressure Mechanical Ventilation, Section 13: Typical Ventilator Settings, Section 17: Ventilator Troubleshooting. Available at
  2. FOAM Med Resources
    1. Life in the Fast Lane: Non-invasive Ventilation and the Critically Ill
    2. EMCrit Lecture/Podcast: Dominating the Vent Part 1 & 2 &
  3. Industry Resources
    1. Medumat Standard 2 PC Simulator
    2. Medumat Training Package
    3. Medumat Standard 2 Industry Video

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