The New REALITi of Simulation

iSimulate’s latest product – REALITi – has landed at ARHT!

This device gives us the ability of easy video debriefing and full, self-contained portability for our simulations.

If you’re interested in our training videos for REALITi  – click here

We’re using the video to facilitate debriefing of not only medical events, but also to critique communication of our in-house winch simulator. This particular sim ran over 2 hours, including a rescue swim / patient retrieval, drowning / trauma resuscitation of multiple patients, through to packaging the patient and then winching into the helicopter winch simulator 25 feet off the ground.

You can also see what the video debriefing looks like – with full vital signs overlaid during this airway burn / surgical airway simulation.

Overall, we’re really happy with the extra capability this unit brings, and we’ll continue to push the limits of fidelity when we’re not doing the real thing!


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