Podcasts – needle versus knife

Still listening to the Backstreet Boys on the way to work? Clearly urgent intervention is required.

Here are some excellent podcasts, with blog pages including discussion, videos, and references:

Needle versus knife I – discussion between Minh Le Cong (prehospitalmed.com) and Scott Weingart (emcrit.org) about interventions for can’t intubate/can’t ventilate

“One of the best things Minh expressed is the need to say OUT LOUD: “This is a can’t intubate/can’t oxygenate situation.” Saying it out loud lets everyone in the room know, there will be no more screwing around with attempts at direct laryngoscopy.”

Podcast is here

Needle versus knife II – chest decompression – from Scott Weingart

“Anterior approach is not where you think it is”

“ED Docs got it wrong a lot!”

Podcast is here