Human factors and situational awareness in emergencies

The video below is one of the most striking (and tragic) examples around of the importance of human factors awareness, situational awareness, and leadership during emergencies. It details an airway emergency during a routine anaesthesia, subsequent events, and the reasons for those events. Although it occurs in the hospital setting, it is equally relevant for pre-hospital care.

It is a MUST VIEW for clinicians and other team members who deal with emergencies.

As a result of his personal experience, Martin Bromiley founded the Clinical Human Factors Group in 2007. This group brings together experts, clinicians and enthusiasts who have an interest in placing the understanding of human factors at the heart of improving patient safety.

In Just A Routine Operation Martin talks about his experience of losing his wife during an apparently routine procedure and his hopes for making a change to practice in healthcare.

This film was produced by thinkpublic for the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement.


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