Podcast – pre-hospital intubation, and ‘stay and play’ versus ‘scoop and run’

In this podcast, sourced from emcrit.org, Scott Weingart (ED Intensivist from New York City, founder of emcrit.org) and Cliff Reid (Great Sydney Area HEMS, founder of resus.me) discuss pre-hospital intubation and ‘stay and play’ versus ‘scoop and run’ in pre-hospital care.

These are two of the Godfathers of FOAM (free open access meducation).

The podcast is here (right-click if you wish to download), and makes reference to this video clip from London HEMS, which shows a paediatric RSI for TBI with pulmonary contusions and blood in the airway.

“We anaesthetise a child probably once every month. We train for it, but we don’t do very many of them.”

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