Pre-hospital airway podcast

And you thought a neonate was a challenging intubation! How about a King Cobra?

As much as you may look like a stud pulling up to the Mechanics Bay carpark wearing your flight suit and playing The Backstreet Boys at high volume, the time spent driving to work is much better spent educating yourself than listening to poor-taste music and failing to be hip.

Below is the first in a series of HEMS-relevant podcasts from various sources around the interweb. This podcast comes from, a FOAM (free-open-access-medication website) created by Dr Minh Le Cong, a Queensland RFDS doctor. This site looks like a fantastic educational resource.

The podcast is an interview with Dr Brian Burns, an Emergency Physician and Retrieval Specialist with the Greater Sydney Area HEMS. It is a discussion of two recently-published papers:

Abnormal End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide Levels on Emergency Department Arrival in Adult and Pediatric Intubated Patients

The haemodynamic response to pre-hospital RSI in injured patients

Full text pdfs are here (secure area limited to ADHB staff only – ADHB has subscription access for staff to these journals through the Philson Library at the University of Auckland School Of Medicine)

Read the full post, including the key conclusions here

… and be sure kick The Backstreet Boys into touch and play or download (by right-clicking) the podcast here

Go on.

You know being cool is overrated.

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