Test pilots wanted! Auckland HEMS app goes live

We are delighted to announce the release of the Auckland HEMS mobile app!


ALERT! January 2015: Since the publication of this post the app has been updated, including the launch of the Auckland HEMS simulation-based prehospital care curriculum podcasts. You can read  about the latest additions by clicking HERE


This app is a work in progress, and will be a living, dynamic project.

photo 2

Auckland HEMS home screen

We are very keen to have feedback regarding app development and improvement from the prehospital, aeromedical, and emergency medicine communities.

At the heart of the app are the emergency situation checklists that have been developed by Dr Robert Gooch (Canadian Emergency Medicine trainee and recent Auckland HEMS Fellow) and Dr Chris Denny (Auckland HEMS Medical Director).

Auckland HEMS also gratefully acknowledges the efforts of the pilots, paramedics, and crewmen who took place in the simulation-based usability-testing of the checklists, the work of Atul Gawande, and the international HEMS fellowship for allowing Dr Gooch to complete this patient safety initiative.

emergency checklist menu

The app also contains other clinical and non-clinical resources.

How can we make it better? We would like to hear your thoughts.

Please use the feedback button in the app, or post comments below.

The app was developed using a platform called ibuildapp‘. This is a web-based subscription service that has the following features:

  • straightforward user interface to construct and test the app – if you can create a powerpoint presentation, you can build an app!
  • NO coding required
  • apps created are functional on both iOS and Android
  • immediate updating – alterations to the master version will appear on user’s versions the next time they open the app
  • low startup costs compared to having an app professionally coded

The monthly subscription cost to Auckland HEMS increases as more users download the app. As a result we have had to introduce a small charge for iOS users to offset our ongoing costs. Due to some inflexibility regarding price alterations on Google Play (and a failure to read the fine print!), the app will remain free for Android users – it’s your lucky day…

No individual will make a personal profit from this project; any income above our development and subscription costs will go towards further app development and other Auckland HEMS educational and training activities.


Our vision is to use a large team of ‘test pilots’ to make the app as effective as possible for clinical and operational use prior to creating a professionally coded ‘Auckland HEMS 2.0′.


A test pilot who WAS up for the challenge: Chuck Yeager and the Bell X1

A test pilot who WAS up for the challenge: Chuck Yeager and the Bell X1

Some improvement suggestions will be possible within the technical features of ‘ibuildapp’, but many will not, and these will be added to the future development list for version 2.0.


Click HERE for iOS users

Click HERE for Android users

Thank you for being a part of the Auckland HEMS team!

3 thoughts on “Test pilots wanted! Auckland HEMS app goes live

  1. Hi Scott

    Really liking the interface – big bold pix on black background, works well in day or night…

    1/ Apropos the checklists, I wonder if its worth making them interactive, such that can select (click a tickbox) to confirm action done…which will allow audit and email

    For example, see how Ben Taylor has set up this in the iRSI app (few bucks on iTunes)

    Ditto pack checks etc – having ability to select items done/not done, then email daily completed checklists is a useful function available in some existing apps

    2/ May also want to consider an opportunity to allow for case recording with activation time, doors closed, arrive pt, depart scene, back to base etc, plus brief details of case (age sex, demographics, type, departure location, destination, obs, photos, actions and procedures etc)

    Some of this is available in the Medevac app.

    3/ for procedures eg surgical airway, could consider links to vimeo videos showing procedures…as in the ETMcourse iBook

    4/ a maps function would be useful, as well as weather. GPS location for primary missions as well as ability to ‘drop a pin’ for case logging would be awesome

    5/ a section for SOPs with inclusion of short (< 1 minute) video reminders for common and uncommonly performed procedures eg: pacing, Sengstaken-Blakemore placement, obs haemorrhage, CICO, thoracotomy etc

    These are minor criticisms. Am sure will evolve.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY – THANKS FOR MAKING AVAILABLE FOR FREE (I was one of early reviewers of iOS). I think there is tremendous value in sharing SOPs etc between service – it's nice to see eg: GSA-HEMS and LONDON AIR AMBULANCE make their SOPS available on their websites. Retrieval apps and/or iBooks (such as Adult Retrieval Victoria) are a natural extension of this content.

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  3. Hi Tim,

    Many thanks for your kind words and feedback!

    Will be introducing a map feature and video lists/video embedded into SOPs etc shortly
    Currently working on interactive email-able checklists, have run into a few technical issues with the ibuildapp platform but can hopefully pull this one off!

    Safe flying,

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