About Emma Batistich

HEMS and EM doc in Auckland. HEMS lead for education and training at ARHT.


We have just received our new LUCAS-3 mechanical CPR device



It’s an incredibly user friendly piece of equipment. Check out these training videos that Emily and Stefan made. You will need to be formally signed off for it’s use – contact Stefan to arrange this next time you are on base.

At our next clinical governance meeting, Sean Fair will be discussing the operational indications for it’s use prehospital, referencing the CHEER trial

Website revamp!

Scott gave me admin rights to the website, and I’ve gone a bit nuts!


Above: Simon prepping for winch job at Port Waikato


Have a look at some of the new features of the website…..


Core curriculum – this is a work in progress. So far the Podcasts that Andrew Fagan et al. created have been moved here, as well as the obstetric videos that were created last year in conjunction with some of the Auckland midwife educators.

HEMS orientation – a hub for all the orientation information, forms, presentations etc….for the new docs

Equipment training  – all those videos on the computer in the ops room are now available on the website

Simulation – a library of HEMS scenarios


I’m going to keep adding to this – especially the core curriculum side of things. So….watch this space! Let me know if you think of anything that needs to be added or have any suggestions.