HEMS: Lessons from Helicopters to Fast Response Cars

This video shows a superb talk by Dr Gareth Davies, Clinical Director of the London HEMS. Topics covered include the role and structure of the service, the risks involved, and how those risks are mitigated with lessons learned from aviation.

This video comes from Risky-Business.com, a collaboration between various UK and USA hospitals and institutions which focuses on risk management and human factors in the medical setting.

Click here to watch the video.

The top five research priorities in physician-provided pre-hospital critical care

Norwegian Air Ambulance Eurocopter EC145 – successor to the BK-117

This paper, published in 2011 and funded by the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation, is a consensus report from a European research collaboration of physicians with experience in physician-staffed EMS.

Based on expert opinion and discussion 5 key research priorities and the key questions to be answered were identified.

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